We sat down with Shaun Oakley AKA Damn Vandal - one of South Africa's most sought after artists in the Graffiti community and designer of the MAWU limited edition Travel, Sarah Vogue and Travis cleaning cloths and soft pouches.

The multidisciplinary artist has been painting for over 14 years and has infused his childhood love for comics with illustrative vector designs to create his own unique style of graffiti art.

Here's what he had to say...

How did you get into your art?

I have been drawing since a young age, my dad was an artist so that also helped. I studied art at school and went on to study at Vega - so these definitely moulded me and my style into what it is today.

Did you have any preferred surfaces?

I use a range of mediums, but spray paint is definitely my favourite. So a smooth wall is preferred. Or Truck.

Had you ever been arrested back in the day for graffiti?

Yeah, I have had a few incidents, but it's part of the territory, you live and you learn.

What percentage of your time is devoted to art?

​I would say 75% and the rest to family. 

What inspires you these days?

Everything around me, people, signage, logos, artists, Instagram, take in as much as you can and transfer it into your work - it's the best thing to do. Feeling the typography lately tho.

Are there any particular cultures that influence you at present?

I generally run with a very street inspired hip hop theme, but I am branching into hipster vibes and trying out new genres/ cultures. Helps to keep things fresh. 

What’s ahead

​Got a few monster walls lined up, a few illustrations for some international clients and some really rad personal walls that I'm keen to do, just need the time. 😁 


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