Want to stock our MAWU sunglasses and receive wholesale pricing? Of course you do…


Are you a retailer, optometrist, or a store that’s not boring and would like to stock Mawu shades? You’re in the right place.

Send us your below info and we’ll get back to you ASAP (If we’re not doing better things like laughing at people in ugly sunglasses).

Our Mawu wholesale sunglasses program is top-class. Our audacious eyewear is high quality and different, so your customers will have an alternative option to the conventional sunglasses brands out there.

The current Mawu range of sunglasses can be used to fit prescription lenses. Our frames are handcrafted with acetate; a natural plant based material – the highest quality material for eyeglasses. All our shades come standard with CR39 polarized lenses.

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