What’s in a name? Everything, when you name it after a God. Mawu is the creator goddess in African mythology who brings the cool nights after the hot African sun. But who really cares?

Mawu eyewear came about when two friends with different outlooks on life came together to build a shared dream of launching a global brand.

Greg, founder of a skate company and Marshy, a professional helicopter pilot had radically different approaches to life. Greg is all go-go-go from the start, where Marshy prefers to plan ahead.

But when it came to embarking on the epic venture of Mawu eyewear, the two friends were the perfect blend.

Greg and Marshy’s dream came to life on a helicopter trip above the African landscape. Greg’s favourite pair of shades fell out of the helicopter and faded away.  

Greg loved these shades so much, that he was willing to go and search for them. But, that’s when the idea was sparked. Wouldn’t it be easier to start a sunglasses company than to burn a fortune for a new pair or search for the lost shades in the endless terrain? 

Probably not, but they did it anyway.

With a “let’s do it” attitude, the two friends set out to build an audacious brand – offering uniqueness, quality and true exclusivity.


Fortune favours the audacious – and by launching a worldwide brand Greg and Marshy have incorporated an audacious attitude in everything that they do, taking on giants in the sunglasses industry and going against conventional wisdom of slow growth by launching an international brand from the get-go.

Today, Mawu shades can be found in 5 regions across the globe, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Mawu has gone on to collaborate with worldwide designers, photographers, videographers and influencers – helping them to create their own destiny and step out of the ordinary.

Through the lens of Mawu shades, these individuals have discovered the confidence to their ambitions and have brought their dreams to life.

While anyone can enjoy the supreme quality and unique style of Mawu eyewear, wearers can enjoy a distinctive product that is not owned by everyone on the street. Because not everyone is unique.

Available on a first come, first served basis, Mawu products connect those who seek something new, something good and something out of the ordinary.