Mawu sunglasses


MAWU eyewear was created when two friends with different outlooks on life came together to build a shared dream of launching a global brand.

Greg, the founder of a skate company, and Marshy, a professional helicopter pilot, had completely different approaches to life. Greg is constantly thinking ahead and always has many different things on the go, while Marshy prefers to take things slower and plan ahead.

Greg and Marshy’s dream of launching a global brand came to life one day, when on a helicopter trip above the African landscape Greg’s favourite pair of sunglasses fell out of the helicopter into the vast land below. Greg loved these sunglasses so much but could not purchase them again as they were discontinued. This was when the idea sparked. With a “let’s do it” attitude, the two friends set out to build an audacious eyewear brand that offers unique, top quality sunglasses that embody true exclusivity.  


Fortune favours the audacious, and by launching a global brand, Greg and Marshy have incorporated an audacious attitude towards everything the do, taking on giants in the sunglasses industry.

MAWU has gone on to collaborate with worldwide designers, photographers, videographers and influencers, helping them to create their own destiny and step out of the ordinary.

Through the lens of MAWU sunglasses, these individuals have discovered the confidence to bring their dreams to life.

MAWU eyewear seeks to connects to those individuals who seek something new, something unique, something audacious.

Available on a first come, first served basis, Mawu products connect those who seek something new, something good and something out of the ordinary.